Ad Interest Manager

To make our ads more relevant and useful for you, we make educated guesses about your interests based on your activity on Yahoo’s sites and services. Some of the ads we show you reflect these interests. You can opt out of interest-based advertising, analysis of communications content for advertising purposes, and the sharing of your information with partners for data matching and appends using the tools on this page. Your choices within Ad Interest Manager do not affect interests that you expressly declare to Yahoo elsewhere. Learn more.

The opt-out for BrightRoll is managed separately.

Your advertising choices

Your interest categories

We use information about many of the pages that you have visited, ads that you have seen and clicked, some of your searches on Yahoo, and your use of our services to create interest categories that help us choose the kinds of ads and content that you’d like to see. You can edit or de-select categories or opt out of interest-based ads and other features altogether. See all standard categories

Your device & you

We may customise some ads based on information sent to us by your device and/or information that you have provided during registration. Your opt-out does not apply to use of this demographic or to geographical information for targeting. This is how you appear to us.

Your other devices

We use login information to better serve you relevant and useful ads. These are the devices that Yahoo has seen you log in with previously, and the devices on which Yahoo will show ads tailored to your interests. If you no longer expect to use these devices with Yahoo, please remove them from the list.


At Yahoo, we believe that our ads can be part of an exciting, immersive experience, and we empower our users to shape the ads they consider most relevant for them through our Ad Interest Manager and the Ad Feedback mechanism.


Other input

In addition to the information shown here, Yahoo may use publicly available information or information provided by partners to help customise some of the ads that we show you.


Network Advertising Initiative

Yahoo is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) in the US. Learn more about how to opt out of other ad networks.